About Polly

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away.... I worked as a Computer Specialist and System Administrator.  This paid the bills for a while, but just didn't cut the mustard in keeping my inner artist happy.  So I began a journey to develop the right side of my brain, which happened to coincide with the early days of the Internet. 

I was one of the first developers in the Boise arena - but I needed to create an environment within which to play.  So I saved up my pennies and bought myself a web server and had a ISDN connection installed into my home in Boise's infamous north end.  At the time, there were no server co-location facilities available for budding developers to utilize.  Once this proved to be less than 100% reliable, I engaged in a business relationship with Micron Electronics (long before ISP's began sprouting up in the market) and they agreed to house my server in their facility which had an 100% reliable Internet connection.

Fast forward a few years, and I was now cooking with gas!  What fun was had.  I started a company, created Boise's first online magazine, Sage-online, and really enjoyed watching Boise grow its Internet presence all within a matter of a few years.

I had a few babies, took some time off and began developing my photographic skills.  I often found that in order to make a successful marketing campaign, be it web based, print based or otherwise, good photos were paramount to the success of the project.

This segued into 7 years of working within the Real Estate industry, both commercial and residential in all matters related to marketing and design.

in 2008, I started POLLY Productions. This began a fun journey of going out on my own as a real estate photographer. As the years and my experience has grown, I have branched out to architectural and commercial photography.

Recently I added video production as well as aerial photography to my service offerings.