Photos are overwhelmingly viewed first in real estate listings. When the typical buyer looks at an online listing, the first thing they do are to look at the photos.

And first impressions matter! Effective marketing photos are inspirational. If home buyers cruising the Internet get inspired by a photo, they’ll click through to the agent’s website.  This is your opportunity to grab that buyer’s attention! 

High Dynamic Range photography (HDR) is a method of taking and processing a photograph that incorporates a range of exposures from under exposed to over exposed.  Several images are taken at various exposures and then merged into one image using specialized software in order to capture the scene more like the human eye would see it with varying degrees of light and dark areas.  For real estate photography the HDR process can be very beneficial since most homes and buildings do not have even light throughout.

I will, on occasion, post recent shoots to my blog if you want to see the latest and greatest!

Lifestyle Photography

When you need photographs to spice up your website or marketing material, my stock photography can be just the right touch. Contact me to set up a consultation so I can get familiar with what it is you are looking for and we'll develop a plan to hit that target.