From National Association of Realtors website...

"Under traditional copyright principles, the photographer owns the copyright for the picture taken by the photographer. Even if the photographer provides the negatives to a third party, there is no automatic authorization to make additional copies of the photograph unless the permission of the photographer has been obtained separately. This is also true with digital cameras, where a file is sent to the MLS. In each instance, it is necessary to evaluate who owns the copyright for the photograph and what is needed to allow the MLS to use that photograph without infringing the copyright owner’s rights."

  1. POLLY Productions retains copyright and reserves all rights.
  2. Photos are licensed to Client in all media necessary to market the property for sale, until they either sell the property or no longer have the listing.
  3. After selling a property, clients may use a couple of images to illustrate a sold property in their marketing.
  4. The license is non-exclusive and non-transferrable to third parties without my permission.
  5. Payment is due upon delivery of the photos!


Payment is due upon delivery of the photos!


Usually within a 24 hours turnaround on photography packages. For video tours it is going to be 48 hours.