4K Video, Baby!

Every winter I always set out to learn something new and to up my game.  So this year I ordered a bunch of new equipment, upgraded my computer and put my head into some new software.  It felt like Christmas all over again!  When my drone arrived, I was elated.  I took video of my dog, my house, my son... pretty much every where I went I was filming.  Hand held or from the air, I was documenting my every move just to learn the new equipment.  

But I had to start booking payed gigs.. and as uncomforatable as it was to put myself out there and trust in my newfound skillset, I finally faced my fear and got 'er done.  Here is my first video for a $1.2M equestrian estate near Hidden Springs, Idaho.  

While there is huge room for improvement, I did learn so much from my first video shoot.  There are so many things I would do differently and I need to practice my flying skills, but overall, I am super pleased with the outcome.  Adobe Premiere is really a force to be reckoned with!  Simply an amazing and most powerful tool!