New Construction on Mesa Verde

This custom built home was tastefully staged and was ready to be photographed.  This is a re-shoot of the interiors highlighting the open nature of the floor plan.  I enjoyed photographing this home but was admittedly challenged to balance the ambient light and my handheld flash.  

Lost and then Found..ers

I was lucky enough to shoot a home in the new subdivision, Legacy, in Eagle Idaho.  This  was a 4725 square foot home on West Founders Way.  Holy Smokes, it was big, but I had a lot of fun shooting it.  The interior was a bit tricky because of the heavy architecture, cove ceilings, HUGE windows and dark wood.  But I always love a good challenge and was very pleased with the outcome!  Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot.  WOOT!

Shenandoah Court

Inspired by the high desert rock formations of Owyhee Desert’s Leslie’s Gulch, this house was designed with the philosophy of using the site,  a dramatic steep slope and trapezoidal shape, to define the house.**

What fun I had shooting this one!

**excerpt from