Lions and Tiger and Bears, OH MY!

Easter Sunday seemed like a perfect time to enjoy the spring weather (after a seriously horrendous winter!) and take in Zoo Boise.  When I was a child, my family would frequent the Brookfield zoo, Lincoln Park zoo and the Milwaukee County zoo.  While I do understand that zoo's can be a controversial topic, I find them to be a delight and look at them like assisted living for our animal families.  

So off I went, with my ridiculously obtrusive lens - shoving little kids out of the way (JUST KIDDING!) to get that fabulous shot.

I was challenged to focus past whatever obstruction was in the way, be it chain link fence or foggy window pane.  Much to my surprise, the impediment literally dissolved rendering rather decent shots.  Maybe matter really is an illusion? 

Day Trip: Leslie Gulch

Just about a two hour drive southwest of Boise towards Jordan Valley, Oregon, you can find a beautiful hiking spot that leaves one in awe.  There are incredible lessons in geology to be found, dating back to when volcanic activity from the Yellowstone hotspot occurred here some 15 million years ago.  The intriguing “hoodoo” formations are on full display once fully immersed in the cathedral of nearby Timber Gulch.  How lucky are we that we have such easily accessible areas to get your vibe on!

A Few Garden Shots......

I used my longer Nikkor 18-140mm lens and noticed that I need to clean it.  Oh well.....  hope you enjoy the photos!